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As well as taking visiting mares for covering, Puddledub Stud also have their own broodmares.  A range of types from Thoroughbreds to halfbreds and warmbloods with the aim to breed useful competition horses for a variety of disciplines from racing and eventing to showing and dressage or show jumping.  Youngsters from these may occassionally be for sale.  Please contact us for details or look at our Youngstock page, or the For Sale page.

Froglet (GB)

 Bay Thoroughbred mare 1999

Sire: Shaamit (IRE)    Dam: Frog   DamSire: Akarad (FR)

A winner of 2 races over 2 miles and by a Derby winner.  Froglet is also a winner and Champion in the showring and when graded by SHB(GB) in the Autumn of 2005, she made Head Stud Book status as well as being the highest graded mare in Scotland that year.

Purchased in 2004 while in foal to Tipsy Creek, she has bred 3 foals, the colt by Tipsy Creek (2005) was sold to Dorothy Thompson and has since been sold on to Ireland where is is hoped he will go into training to race under NH rules, a colt by Bollin Terry (2006) and a filly by Bollin Terry (2007) who are for sale and featured on the youngstock page.

With Bollin Terry being at  stud down south in 2007, use was made of the �� service voucher Froglet was awarded at her grading and she was AI'd to the Irish Draught stallion "Alice's Diamond Slipper" and had a cracking colt foal in May 2008

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Silver Wedding (GB)

 Grey Thoroughbred mare 1995

Sire: Warning     Dam: Best Girl Friend      DamSire: Sharrood (USA)

Although Silver Wedding only managed a few placings in her racing career she is well related and her first foal by Young Ern is a big winner in Italy.  Purchased along with Froglet, also in foal to Tipsy Creek, she had had 4 foals prior to her purchase, having never missed a year and yet still die to foal in February when she arrived at Puddledub!  She has been allowed to fall back a bit on her due dates as foals that early in the cold winds and wet ground of Scotland.  Her filly foal by Tipsy Creek (2005) was also purchased by Dorothy Thompson and it hoped she will be trianed by her daughter Jean Macgregor to race on the flat, her 2006 colt and  2007  filly by Bollin Terry (2007) are most impressive, the colt (well now gelding) looks like a potential Show Riding Horse or Eventer and the filly, now sold to Annemarie Thomson will be shown inhand this season.  With Bollin Terry down south in 2007 she was covered by our homebred Skewbald colt Puddledub Phuket   and the resulting blue & white skewbald filly foal born in 2008  has been sold to Susan Kilgour in Aberdeenshire where she will be shown in Coloured, Hunter Youngstock and Sporthorse classes.  Photos on the youngstock page.  As she had had 8 foals on the trot, we left Silver Wedding uncovered in 2008.  She is due to be covered by "Puddledub Phuket" again in 2009.

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Jemima Puddledub

Skewbald partbred mare 1995

Sire:   Dixi (BEL)     Dam: Blue II    DamSire:  unknown

Jemima is homebred, and our great pride and joy.  She had the most amazing competitive career before retiring (temporarily) to the paddock.  Her full profile is available if you go to her own page.

She was covered by Bollin Terry in 2006 and competed the whole summer in WH & WHP classes with huge success.  Her colt Puddledub Jeometerry is delightful and looking very promising as is her minimally marked 2008 filly by Puddledub Phuket.

Jemima was not covered in 2008 and she has returned to the show ring for 2009 with a new rider, Kimberley Nicoll, and will concentrate on her campaign of RIHS & HOYS qualifiers and be covered again in 2010.

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Karla 22

16.2hh Grey Mare, Warmblood,  born May 1995

Sire: Korsar I  Dam: Jaranga  Dam Sire: Jupiter II

Karla is a German bred mare entered in the Santa Anhult Studbook.  She is a big strong mare, with lovely quality and is nicely put together with a nice turn of head and neck, a great front, strong short coupled body and a good hind leg.

Karla came to Puddledub as she was sadly not sound when purchased from Holland as a Show Jumping schoolmistress for a teenage boy.  It was intended to put her in foal and then sell her on, but we like her so much we felt she had to stay!  We are so dissappointed that we will be unable to show Karla in Broodmare classes because of her unsoundness, but resign ourselves to the fact we would not have her if she was still sound enough to jump.

She was covered by Bollin Terry in 2008 and is due to foal on 14 March 2009.  We eagerly await this foal, as Karla is an exceptionally nice mare with a most ladylike, kind nature.  Although suffering from arthritis from an old injury, she still moves well and has a willing and enthusiastic jump when loose schooled.  We would dearly loved to ahve seen her jump when in her prime.  She has quite obviously jumped to a reasonable level on the continent, and we are currently working on getting a competition record for her.

She was Graded with Scottish Sport Horse in the autumn of 2008 and on the condition we track down the missing line in her pedigree (as she is branded, this will exist) she will be awarded 1st Premium, and if her competition record is found she will also be awarded a Sport Predicate.

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Meacham Temptation II

16.3hh Grey, British Warmblood, 1998

Sire: Troubadour  Dam: Astarant   Dam Sire: Aspirant

Another grey mare, but this time with a profusion of "flea-bites", this British bred Warmblood mare came to us the same yard and at the same time as Karla.  A case of joint ill as a foal prevented her from having a ridden career, but has no day to day effects on her health or wellbeing.

She is a big, roomy mare with big uphill paces.  With the Dressage lines of her sire and the predominantly Jumping lines from her dam's line, she is sure to breed powerful, athletic youngsters.

She was graded 2nd Premium with Scottish Sport Horse in the Autumn of 2008, despite never having jumped at all until 3 or 4 days beforehand.

She was covered by Bollin Terry in 2008, and after conceiving twins which could not be rectified, she was confirmed infoal with just a single foal at the second attempt and is due to foal on 9th May 2009.

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15hh Grey Cob Mare of unknown breeding born in 1998

Riann (or Dorey as she is better known) came to us in the autumn of 2008 and will be covered by Bollin Terry in 2009.  She had been covered by her previous owners but had not held in foal.  we hope that the change in scenery may put her in a more obliging mood this year!

Dorey is really nice, honest stamp of a mare, with the most amazing front, she must ride so much bigger than she looks.  She is a good, active mover with nice straight paces.  Unusually marked, she has a brown/roan mark on her face and down her right shoulder and neck, often known as a Blood Mark and keenly sought after in the Arab breed.  She was previously ridden and competed at Riding Club level and was shown as a Cob.  If successfuly in foal we expect her to breed a nice WHP or allrounder type of youngster.

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