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The Home of Future Champions

Puddledub Labradors, German Shorthaired Pointers and Labradoodles

From Puddledub's original black labrador bitch "Pelham of Perthshire"  who was bred by friend Ian Greig in Surrey from his wonderful yellow bitch known as Fernie, came a dynasty of friends, companions and gundogs.  Pelham defied her mainly showing pedigree and professional gundog trainer Maurice Pattinson said she was the best labrador he had ever had in to train and was so taken with her that he bought a dog pup from her first litter.  My father had a bitch from this first litter too, and admits that she was by far the best peg-dog he had ever had.

Once a family have had a Puddledub Labrador, more often than not they will come back for a second!

Using quality Field Trial dogs, the vast majority of which have made up to be Champions, but being sure not to use dogs that are too fast or highly strung for the one dog owner and weekend gun, the ensuing generations have found their way into the hearts of many homes, including at Puddledub!!

Whether for working, pet or companion, the Puddledub Labradors are affectionate, active, bright, cheerful and quick to learn, ensuring that all lessons from housetraining to heelwork and retrieving are all learned quickly and easily.

All the bitches at Puddledub have exceptionally low hip scores and are incredibly fit and healthy, Pelham of Perthshire and her daughter Puddledub Black Baiga were both fit, healthy and active until not long before they were put to sleep, both reaching all but a week or two off their 15th birthdays.

Currently at Puddledub are Puddledub Wallaba, an eight year old black bitch by FTCH Rod Wallace of Leadburn and her two daughters; Puddledub Rogue Spirit a three year old black bitch by SH CH Ramsayville Rogue Trader and Puddledub Vicunia, a two year black daughter of FT CH Leadburn Viceroy.

In the Autumn of 2000 the German Shorthaired Pointer " Stairfoot Scandal of Puddledub" was brought into the family!  Incredibly intelligent, she is a challenge, but is the most wonderful dog who is always cheerful and full of life, if a bit too clever! - she can open doors towards her and away from her, can get into almost any cupboard if you have tried to hide food or biscuits, and also knows exactly what she can get away with!

Val Grant who bred her, paid Puddledub the ultimate compliment by returning to buy one of her bitch pups by CH Barleyarch Playboy.  This pup, SH CH Puddledub Plum from Stairfoot has had a fabulous show career gaining her 3 Challenge Certificates to make up to Show Champion, and along the way winning several Reserve Challenge Certificates including at Crufts in 2007, standing 2nd only to the bitch who then took Best of Breed.

Homebred GSPs remaining at home are Puddledub Paramour (Rumour) by SH CH Barleyarch Paris, who is also having her success in the ring.  Initially shown by David Alcorn, she is now being shown by Fiona.  She started her career with good puppy wins including Best Puppy in Show at HPR Club of Scotland Show, and has since won a total of 5 classes at Championship Shows including Crufts '09 and she also won a Reserve Challenge Certificate at SKC in May '09.  Puddledub Poser (or Chaos!) by CH Keigame Model Man who has been Top Sire in the breed for several years.  A taller, rangier type than Rumour, she took a bit longer time to mature both physically and mentally and is the first Puddledub dog to do any consistant chewing damage! Several pairs of shoes have hit the dust, and her bed constantly gathers anything she can get hold of!  After a couple of wins at Open Shows, Chaos didn't really show a natural exuberance for showing, so now tends to stay at home, but had a fabulous litter of pups in January 10 (more of them later). Puddledub Pyrrha (Riot) by Stairfoot Socrates is from the only Stairfoot to Stairfoot mating to date and is a really smart little bitch who took a while to gain her confidence in the ring but now shows her socks off and just owns the ring!  She has given Fiona a great deal of satisfaction with her wins including a fabulous Junior class at the HPR of Scotland Show in December '10 under breed specialist Fred Whitworth, and Fiona's first Championship wins as a handler by taking an excellent Graduate class at the National Dog Show in May '10 and the Novice Stakes at the Border Union in June '10.  Puddledub Phenomenal (Havoc) by SH CH Oakberrow Xsepshunall at Southmead makes up our final and youngest member of the GSP family.  She is out of Rumour, and although on the small end of the standard is very correctly put together.  Although king of the castle at home, she has proven to be very shy at shows and a huge amount of work has gone into her ringcraft which was beginning to pay off, but unfortunately just one experience of being slightly roughly handled by a judge has knocked her confidence again.  She will now take a bit of time out of the ring to hopefully regain her enthusiasm and to grow into herself.

Chaos' litter in January '10, by Pam Tait's lovely boy Benboee Bowmore (Vinnie) resulted in 5 cracking pups.  However, one stood out right from the outside and we were absolutely delighted when his new owner; Rhona Barrett expressed an interest in showing him.  Puddledub Poit Dhubh made his debut at SKC in August '10 - and what a start to his career!  He won GSP Minor Puppy Dog in the morning, to then go on and win an exceptionally large Puppy Stakes class in the afternoon!!  With great excitement we then took him to Belfast Championship Show where he not only won Puppy & Junior, but also took Best Puppy in Breed and amazingly, at 8 months old took the Dog Challenge Certificate!!!!  He has also won at Gundog of Wales, Gundog Breeds of Scotland (where he also took Best Dog Puppy), Best Puppy in Show at HPR of Scotland and many other classes at Open and Championship Shows.  We are so proud of this handsome chap, and most grateful to Rhona for doing such a fabulous job with him and making such a gargantuan effort in travelling shows from Argyll.

In addition to the purebred Labs and GSPs, Puddledub have also bred a couple of litters of Labradoodles, producing delightful fluffy & shaggy bundles of fun and enthusiasm.  Unlike many  'doodles, the Puddledub puppies are bred thoughtfully using the best example of each breed that have had all the relevant health checks that are necessary. 

Being aware that many pedigree breeders are a little sceptical at best, but agressively against at worst, of the practice of crossbreeding, we feel we need to explain why we believe in Labradoodles.  Coming from a horse background, we are used to taking two breeds who compliment each other and bring them together to create something with hopefully the best aspects of both breeds blended into a wondeful creation.

Our aim is to breed puppies that are of good health, conformation and temperament who will give their owners a lifetime of fun, pleasure and companionship.  This policy is true of all our puppies, of whatever breed.  We feel our Labradoodles are bred and reared with the same care and consideration as our Labradors and GSPs, we still insist on parents who are health tested and good examples of their breed, puppies go to their new homes with teh same pedigree, insurance, puppy packs and lifetime support as our purebred puppies - the only difference is that they do not have Kennel Club registration.

We are careful where these puppies are placed in their new homes, as they grow to decent sized dogs, are energetic and live life to the full, and more importantly are NOT as some breeders claim, guaranteed to be non-shedding or hypo-allergic.  Anyone who has an allergy must spend plenty of time playing with their prospective pup with no adverse reaction before their home is deemed suitable.


All the dogs at Puddledub live in the house and have freedom during the day, roaming around the yard while the horses are being done - who say it is a dogs life!!




Litters Planned

Plans for 2014 include both Labrador and GSP litter, probably one of each, and depending on when the girls oblige by coming into season, hopefully early to mid summer.


Please do contact us if you are at all interested in making a Puddledub puppy part of your life.  We would love to invite you to meet the girls and to discuss your needs and requirements from a dog, but beware, we will ask as many if not more questions of you!!  We need to know what you can offer one of our puppies.  As we have brought these puppies into the world, we feel we are responsible to place them in the suitable forever homes we can find, to ensure that not only do they have the best life, but that their new families do too.